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VOLUNTEERS: Not sure where to Volunteer?

Have small children? Sign up for Ribbons, Hospitality, or baking for concessions stand.

Enjoy being a part of the action? Sign up for Timer, Meet Referee, Starter, Runner, Event Board, or Scorekeepers.

Leaders?  Sign up for Volunteer Coordination, Concessions Director, or Head Timer.


Volunteer Opportunities at Meet:  It takes 50 people from both teams to run 1 swim meet!

Concessions Director (home meets only): Plans, purchases, delivers concession items.  At meets sets up, sells, and cleans up with the help of the Concessions Team.

Volunteer Coordinator: Ensures all volunteer positions are filled before the day of the meet and at the meet.  A recruiter of sorts.

Head Timer (home meets only): Gives the timer's instructions on how to operate the Dolphin watch.  Sits by the Starter during the meet with a manual stopwatch to time the slowest swimmer in each heat.  Writes the swimmer's time down on the heat sheet in case of a timing malfunction.  Reminds the Starter to press the RESET button at the end of each heat.

Timers (3 per lane): Ensures the correct swimmer is swimming in the correct event/heat/lane.  Times swimmers at the end of the pool with a radio wave digital Dolphin stopwatch and presses either the "stop" button when the swimmer touches the wall or the "reset" button if no one is swimming in their lane for each race.

Runner (home meets only): Picks up DQ slips from judges, ref & starter and periodically delivers to scorekeepers.  Picks up completed lane timer sheets from all lanes after the sheet is completed and delivers to scorekeepers in a timely manner.

Event Board (home meets only): Flips the Event Board to display the correct event & heat # of the swimmers on the blocks or swimming in the pool.

Ready Bench: Calls out names to get swimmers in the correct order and placement in the team's ready bench area according to their event/heat/& lane #.

Hospitality (home meets only): Circulates the pool area periodically with water bottles for volunteers.  Helps with trash pick up and performs bathroom checks for trash removal, toilet paper & paper towels needing to be replenished.

Stroke & Turn Judges: Stands poolside and watches for swim stroke infractions.  Requires easy training at a 2 hour league run free clinic to learn the current league & swim stroke rules.  Great for people with competitive swim experience, but ANYONE can be taught at a free league clinic.

Meet Referee & Starter: Ensures fairness for all swimmers.  Requires easy training at a free league run clinic and must have worked at least 1 year prior as a Stroke & Turn Judge.  Knows the current league rules.

Scorekeepers: Uses Meet Manager & Dolphin software to run and score the meet.  Easy 2 hour league run clinic required in the beginning to become familiar with the software, meet set-up, reports, and running a meet.  Good position for IT folks, accountants, computer smart folks, and nosey people who like to know which team is winning!

Ribbons: Gets the ribbon labels from the scorekeepers at the end of the meet which are printed off by teams.  Takes the labels home and affixes the label onto the back of the proper place ribbon.  Sorts ribbons alphabetically by names and gives to the team rep or head coach at the next practice.

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