Championship Meet Time Change

The Championship Meet this coming Saturday will now be starting at 4:15 PM and is expected to end at 7:15.

Swimmers and their families will be allowed entrance at 2:30 PM. Once you enter the building, the Team's area will be on the far side of the pool and will have a banner on the wall indicating our area. Swimmers must check in with Coach Macy and then sit with the team. Families, you will be asked to sit on the other side of the pool (same side as the entrance); you are free to sit wherever you will see your swimmer the best! If you plan on getting to Palo Alto College before 2:30, just know that you will have to wait outside (they will not open the doors before that time). Outside the facility there is limited shade/seating, so be prepared!

Please also remember that wagons and non-folding strollers will NOT be allowed in the building due to lack of space/storage.

Do not bring coolers or fast food, either! More information will be shared if/when it comes in.

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