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Our team suit this year is the Speedo Modern Matrix, 421. Either style, the Flyback or Superpro, is acceptable for the girls and either the Jammers or Briefs for the boys.

Beginning this year, the Nadadores require each swimmer to wear the Team Suit and Cap at our swim meets. This will create a more cohesive team atmosphere and appearance. If this presents a hardship for your family, please see a board member to discuss. This will be enforced on deck at our swim meets. If a swimmer isn't in the team suit, they will be scratched from their event. If they are able to change in time for their event to the required team suit, they will be allowed to swim.

A new league rule declares tech suits illegal. If a swimmer is in a tech suit on deck, they will not be allowed to swim their event. If they are able to change to the required team suit before their event, they will be allowed to compete.

Our team equipment sponsor is Swim Freak. They will be coming out to the pool during our Pizza Party/Parent Meeting on Saturday, May 8th from 6-9 pm for you to be able to purchase your suits.

If you miss them on the 8th or want to order ahead of time, the Swim Freak staff are happy to assist you at their Thousand Oaks location.

SwimFreak provides MSSL teams these discounts in store ONLY:  20% OFF Speedo products and 10% OFF all other brands (excludes team and sale items).  Just tell them you are with the Nadadores.

Thousand Oaks Location
2250 Thousand Oaks Dr., Ste. 206
San Antonio, Texas 78232

Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-3pm
Closed on Mondays

Click Here for Swim Freak

Google Maps Link

Girl's Modern Matrix Flyback

Girl's Modern Matrix Super Pro

Boy's Modern Matrix Jammer

Boy's Modern Matrix Brief

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