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What Is A Heat Sheet

The Heat Sheet

Heat sheets list all the swim events in order, along with the participants in each event, what heat they are in, what lane each swimmer will occupy, and his/her previous best time in that event (if the swimmer has competed in that event before) or it will show "NT" for "No Time." To keep track of when your swimmer is swimming, it is a good idea to go through the heat sheet and highlight each of your swimmer’s events/heats.

To help swimmers keep track of what events they are swimming in, each swimmer needs a grid/chart on their arm or leg showing the event number, the heat number, the lane number, and the stroke/distance...for every race they are going to swim. You get this information from the Heat Sheet.

Find your swimmer’s name on the heat sheet. For the following example, let's take Tyler Wiley from a sample Heat Sheet. He is swimming in Event 14 in Heat 2. The numbers 1-4 correspond to the assigned lane. Tyler is in Lane 3. Next to the Event number is the distance and stroke – 50 meter Backstroke.

Using a waterproof marker (Sharpie), write four column headings on your swimmer’s arm

E, H, L, Stroke – for Event, Heat, Lane and Stroke respectively.

Continue filling in the grid until all of your swimmer’s event information is on the arm.

For this Event, Tyler's arm would read:

E H L Stroke

14 2 3 50 Back (means event 14 - heat 2 - lane 3 in the 50 Backstroke)

Example of what the arm or leg of your swimmer may look like:

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